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Transfer Molding

Transfer molding is a manufacturing process used to create custom rubber products for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. Both thermosets and elastomers can be used in transfer molding, making it an ideal solution across sectors.

When you need custom transfer molded rubber products manufactured to your specifications, you need REDCO. We are a 100% USA-owned and operated rubber manufacturing company completely dedicated to your satisfaction. For the past 75 years, we’ve provided the best service, fast turnarounds, and precision products delivered on time. Call 775-882-3100 today and speak to one of our highly trained engineering representatives.

Custom Transfer Molding Processes & Services

Transfer molding uses the same production processes as compression molding, with the exception of mold design. In addition to mold plates that encapsulate the outer part shape, there are additional plates inside the transfer mold cavity. The transfer mold also includes a pot in which unvulcanized rubber is placed. A piston (or plunger) forces the rubber into the closed part cavity through a small sprue hole.

While transfer molding can result in more waste than compression molding, it also requires less material handling both before and after the rubber molding process. Additionally, transfer molds cost more due to the additional material and machining time required to produce them. If these factors significantly impact your production, you may wish to consider a different custom rubber service.

The Advantages of Rubber Transfer Molding

Transfer molding offers many advantages over other manufacturing processes, particularly for high-volume productions. These benefits include:

  • Shorter cycle times than compression molding
  • Flexible design processes to integrate changes
  • A high degree of repeatability during production
  • Creation of consistent, intricate parts with tight tolerances
  • And more!

Transfer Mold Materials

REDCO uses a wide range of materials in transfer molding processes. Our engineering team will work with you to discuss the requirements for your unique production and help you identify the best solution for your goals. Possible options may include:

We can also create custom compounds in-house to meet most custom material specifications, providing options that offer the exact physical properties you require.

Choose REDCO as Your USA-Owned & Operated Rubber Manufacturing Company

Why work with REDCO? We perform all manufacturing processes, testing, and developing on-site at our USA facility. We use a customized quality control system to ensure that you only receive the best rubber products with every order. Our experienced and friendly staff is at your disposal from initial quotes through final delivery. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we can support your goals through high-quality and accurate custom rubber products.