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Custom Rubber Parts

Custom rubber products are used throughout industries, markets, and assemblies. To successfully complete your work, you require a trustworthy rubber manufacturing partner. REDCO is ready to roll. Since 1948, we have led the market by producing the most dependable and high-performing custom rubber parts available. We work with your specifications, apply our rigorous quality standards, and manufacture the best custom rubber products possible through precision services, all carried out at our USA facility:

Contact us to learn more about our reliable and repeatable manufacturing capabilities or to discuss your order’s unique needs. A highly knowledgeable representative will be in contact to discuss and identify your best solution.

Custom Rubber Products to Match Your Specifications

REDCO understands that no two applications or assemblies are the same. We approach each order individually as we design, manufacture, and deliver custom rubber products that meet or exceed every requirement. From custom gaskets for automotive work to precision custom rubber medical products, we have the experience and capabilities to complete your job.

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Die Cut Gaskets

Die cut gaskets, seals, O-rings, and similar custom rubber products must be manufactured with complete uniformity and reliability. Utilizing innovative kiss cutting and die cutting processes, REDCO produces custom rubber gaskets to match any industry specification, including RoHS, FDA, Mil-Spec, UL, ASTM, and more.

Rubber Roller Manufacturing

Custom-molded rubber rollers keep production lines moving quickly, efficiently, and without delay. To serve the needs of your line, REDCO has the capabilities and expertise to manufacture a variety of custom rubber rollers:

Request a quote to get started. A REDCO rubber manufacturing expert will work with you to determine the right materials, sizes, and configurations for your rubber roller manufacturing order.

Rubber Roller Assemblies

In addition to manufacturing custom rubber rollers, REDCO offers comprehensive rubber roller assembly services. Depending on the requirements of your unique order, this may include assembling ball bearings, shafts, gears, and other components. Our in-house machine shop completes all assembly work quickly, efficiently, and for competitive prices.

Rubber Bumpers

Industrial rubber bumpers are a small component with a big impact. Designed to absorb shock between two objects, rubber bumpers vary widely in size, complexity, and material to match the needs of your planned use. We not only manufacture custom rubber bumpers for your assemblies, but we also stock ready-to-ship options for orders requiring quick turnarounds.

Rubber Extrusions

REDCO manufactures custom rubber extrusions, from standard tubing and cord stock to complex rubber extrusion profiles tailored to your specifications. Material options for custom rubber extrusions include neoprene, silicone, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, SBR, and EPDM, as well as FDA-approved thermoset elastomers and custom rubber compounds. We can cut, coil, or spool your custom rubber extrusions to specific lengths or add pressure-sensitive adhesives for further customization. Our production and R&D teams work with you to ensure your custom rubber extrusions meet your exact requirements.

Trust the REDCO Manufacturing Experts for USA-Made Custom Rubber Parts

REDCO always keeps your complete satisfaction at the center of everything we do. From initial quotes through final delivery and beyond, we are committed to quality, on-time service, and cost-effective production for all custom rubber parts. Ready to get started? The REDCO team is standing by. Contact us or request a quote today, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your custom rubber part production.