Compression Molding

REDCO provides complete compression molding services to produce custom rubber products that match your unique requirements.

The Compression Molding Process

Compression molding is one of the simplest forms of rubber processing. It utilizes a two-piece, clamshell style mold designed to produce the shape of the desired part. Unvulcanized rubber is placed in the mold cavity, and the mold is closed and placed under heat and pressure by a hydraulic press.

As it heats up, the rubber flows into and fills the mold cavity. After the proper temperature has been achieved for the necessary length of time, the rubber vulcanizes; after this point, it will retain the shape of the mold as it cools. The mold is opened, and the product is extracted.

Compression Molding Materials

REDCO works with a huge variety of materials in our compression molding processes. We can create custom compounds in-house to provide materials that offer the exact physical properties you require.

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