Industrial Rubber Rollers

  Custom Industrial Rubber Roller

From smaller, 1” molded rubber rollers to large, 10’ long wrapped rubber covered rollers, REDCO has been producing high quality industrial rollers for over 65 years. We utilize a wide range of commercial elastomers, including silicones, and can produce custom rubber and elastomer compounds in-house to meet your exact requirements.

Most roller shafts and additional components are made in-house by our experienced technical staff. We also specialize in refurbishing old or worn-down rollers with rubber coatings to customer specs. We provide complete industrial roller manufacturing under one roof.

Our industrial rubber rollers are used in numerous markets, including steel, aluminum, marine, sporting, agricultural, plastics, and conveyor systems. Whatever the end use, REDCO has the technical know-how and experience to provide an effective solution.

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