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Reasons for REDCO

At REDCO, we manufacture the best rubber products, emphasizing complete customer satisfaction with a commitment to quality, on time delivery, cost effective production and safety.

Below are 12 Reasons to contact REDCO with your requirements for precision rubber covered rollers, custom molded rubber products, custom rubber extrusions, custom die cut gaskets, custom foam packaging and subassembly components.

Testing and Development

All of our testing is performed on-site. We have a developmental laboratory with a full time Chemist.

Precision Rubber Covered Rollers

New, replacement or remanufactured rollers. REDCO can build new rollers, remanufacture old rollers or reverse engineer existing rollers.

Expert Outsourcing

We have proven outsourcing capabilities.

American Made, Under One Roof

All of our manufacturing at REDCO is proudly made in the USA. We are a family owned manufacturer led by third generation Mitch Watts.

Custom Compounding

We offer custom compounding for any requirement. Our Lab and Chemist can provide the proper compound for your application.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

We are specialists at rubber to metal bonding, producing uniform, high quality products.

REDCO Quality Control

We have a customized quality control system. The Management Team at REDCO is determined to continue our commitment to continuous improvement through the quality process. It is the responsibility of every employee, supervisor and member of management to maintain the quality standards outlined in our manual.

Experienced Aid in Material Selection

We help our customers select the right materials.

Manufacturing Experience

We have over 70 years of manufacturing experience. REDCO first started producing custom rubber products in San Leandro, CA in 1948.

Insert and Tooling Capabilities

We have onsite insert and tooling capabilities. We utilize CNC Turning Machines, CNC Mills and CNC Operation Lathes.

Manufacturing Solutions

We excel at solving tough manufacturing problems.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

Gain trust with our professional staff at REDCO.

About REDCO Rubber Products: REDCO is a company dedicated to producing high-quality, American Made products for great clients in almost any industry. If you would like to talk with our Sales Team, please fill out our contact form. You may also call us at any time: (800) 733-2648.

Since 1948, we have built a reputation for quality, delivery and service. Click here to read our Customer Reviews and Testimonials.