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Quality System

REDCO is in the process of obtaining our AS9100 certification!

It is REDCO'S goal to meet and exceed our customer's expectations at producing product to their specifications.

Whether REDCO is producing industrial rubber rollers or precision graphic arts printing rollers, we utilize non contact measuring instruments, such as comparators and laser mics to achieve the most accurate inspection possible for our Customers custom specifications . Our Quality team works very closely with our lab technicians in formulating custom rubber and elastomer compounds that meet or exceed customer specifications.

When specific parts requiring inserts, whether supplied by the customer or fabricated in our machine shop, we develop specific agents and techniques in our process for rubber to metal bonding that is unsurpassable. Our Quality System demands that all the material compounds REDCO formulates meet RoHS and REACH compliance. We can utilize materials that meet FDA approval for our Medical and Packaging Customers. The materials used in our die cut department such as foam, rubber and paper, also meet RoHS and REACH compliance.

Our Quality System is based on provisions incorporated in accordance with MIL-I-45208A, ISO 10012-1, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 and the Rubber Manufacturing Association Handbook, Sixth Edition, dated 2005.

The Management Team at REDCO is determined to continue our commitment to continuous improvement through the quality process. It is the responsibility of every employee, supervisor and member of management to maintain the quality standards outlined in our manual.

REDCO encourages every employee to assume responsibility and take pride in their work. Continuous quality improvement is achieved through the combined effort and input of all employees as a team. REDCO is committed to this philosophy.