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Rubber Parts Production

The best way to ensure you receive reliable custom rubber parts is to work with a trustworthy rubber engineering and manufacturing partner, like REDCO. When you work with REDCO, you access tireless attention to detail, market-specific expertise, and productions completed entirely in the USA. Each process is tailored to your order's needs, and we always go the extra mile to produce high-performance industrial rubber parts with every run.

Contact us to learn more about our design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. Request a quote to get started.

Maximize Industrial Rubber Part Production with REDCO Processes

REDCO is your full-service partner for custom rubber parts. From providing initial quotes to ongoing support after final delivery, we work hard to keep communications open throughout your process. All services are completed in-house, and you can rest easy knowing that our 75+ years of experience is at your disposal.

Design Services for Industrial Rubber Parts

Your custom rubber part begins with design services and engineering evaluations provided by our expert team. Many factors will be considered as we create and build custom molds for your run, including:

  • What is your part’s intended function?
  • What environmental conditions will impact your part’s operation?
  • What is the expected operational lifespan?
  • Does it require any unique properties or resistances?
  • Are complex features required for your part?

Once we have established these parameters, we will design and build a custom mold for your production. Call 775-882-3100 to speak with a representative directly.

Material Selection

A significant portion of the design stage includes selecting a suitable rubber material. Dozens of rubbers and elastomers are available and ready to use, and choosing your best option can be challenging. REDCO supports an extensive range of materials and will assist you with the selection process. If none of our standard rubber materials fit your needs, we offer custom rubber and elastomer compounding services at our developmental lab.

Custom Rubber Parts Manufactured & Assembled to Your Specifications

A successful industrial rubber part requires expert manufacturing and assembly services. REDCO completes all manufacturing processes under one roof, allowing us to create precision parts that match your project parameters. Possible service options include:

In addition to precision manufacturing, we will also assemble your custom rubber part. We then enact strict quality control and testing to ensure your part will perform as expected.

Rigorous Quality Assurance System

Along with incorporating your in-house quality processes, we use a comprehensive quality system to ensure compliance with all necessary guidelines. We have the capabilities to meet a range of specifications and certifications, including:

  • RoHS and REACH
  • FDA approval
  • MIL-I-45208A
  • ISO 10012-1
  • ANSI/ASQ z1.4-2008
  • And others!

We only package or ship your order once all quality criteria have been met. At REDCO, quality is the responsibility of every employee, and we work together to produce the best industrial rubber parts available on the market.

REDCO is Your #1 Source for USA-Made Custom Rubber Parts

REDCO is your premier source for industrial rubber part production. Our process is customized to every order, and we constantly innovate and refine each step to guarantee you receive the best custom rubber parts paired with excellent customer service. Contact us to learn more about our production process. Request a quote to receive pricing, turnaround time, and other estimates relevant to your order.