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Custom Rubber to Metal Bonding

Rubber to metal bonding is a manufacturing method that simplifies production processes by minimizing the individual parts required to create a component. By combining rubber and metal materials in a single, solidly-bonded piece, REDCO can manufacture parts that would be difficult or impossible to make from a single material, such as:

  • Automotive gaskets and bushings
  • Agricultural isolation mounts and pumps
  • Medical components
  • Construction parts

Unlike other rubber bonding companies, REDCO conducts all our services under one roof to ensure American-made quality. As your one-stop-shop rubber bonding supplier, we complete all rubber to metal bonding in-house to ensure high-performing results. Start your order and discover why REDCO is the USA’s top rubber bonding supplier and rubber manufacturer today!

What is Rubber to Metal Bonding?

Rubber to metal bonding is a process used to manufacture custom components for any industrial application. Bonding rubber to metal can be used to enhance virtually any rubber part by increasing the durability and strength of both materials. It is an incredibly versatile manufacturing choice for any part production.

How is Rubber Attached to Metal?

Rubber material is attached to the metal insert through three main processes:

  • The rubber encapsulates the metal with no necessary adhesives
  • The rubber is chemically bonded to the metal insert
  • Rubber is cold bonded to the metal insert using an adhesive

Before manufacturing begins, REDCO will work to understand your part designs, budget, and desired outcome to establish which method is best suited to your application.

Materials Used in Rubber to Metal Bonding

Many rubber and metal materials are available to manufacture your custom part. Our expert engineers will work with your design team to establish which choices are best for your production.

Rubber Bonding Materials

Almost any rubber material can be used to produce high-quality custom rubber bonded products. As an expert rubber to metal bonding part supplier, REDCO can create bonds that are often stronger than the physical properties of your chosen elastomer. Some of our rubber material options include:

We can also work with fluoroelastomers such as Viton, Fluorel, Tecnoflon, and perfluoroelastomers to match your application’s specifications.

Metal Insert Materials

Which metal is best for your rubber bonding part production will vary depending on your industry and desired part characteristics. Rubber to metal bonding allows for a high degree of versatility, and REDCO is prepared to handle any metal material. Popular choices include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass

Most of REDCO’s metal inserts are manufactured in-house and conditioned to give adhesion with 100% rubber tear from the insert. We can also use metal inserts or metal materials that you provide to ensure your total satisfaction.

Your #1 Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts Manufacturer

REDCO is your go-to USA-owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber parts, rubber services, and other rubber solutions. We also provide comprehensive resources about common rubber terms, the properties of rubber, and other topics. Whether you need a manufacturer for rubber bonded parts or an expert knowledge source, REDCO has you covered.

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