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Custom Rubber Rollers

When designing and manufacturing a custom rubber roller, drive roller, or another rubber part, it’s important to work closely with a rubber manufacturing specialist to select the best material, size, or configuration for your exact project. Since 1948, REDCO has been your complete source for precision rubber-covered rollers, rubber roller assemblies, and other top-quality products. From very small rollers to those 120” in length and 16” in diameter, we have the capabilities to produce any custom roller, assembly, and sub-assembly—all proudly manufactured in the USA.

Types of Custom Rubber Rollers

REDCO’s team of experts can build new rollers, remanufacture or refurbish old rollers, or reverse-engineer existing rollers. There is no limit to the kinds of rubber products we can manufacture. We can mold, machine wrap, and cross head extrude rubber materials, creating custom-molded rubber parts from:

If you’re unsure which material best suits your planned use, our in-house lab can help you determine the best compound for your application.

Printing/Graphic Arts Rollers

Printing applications for graphic arts require specialized precision rubber rollers to produce high-quality results. We work closely with you to manufacture printing/graphic arts rubber-covered rollers that deliver the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and reliability in any graphic application.

Custom Precision Rubber Rollers

When you require rubber rollers with a high degree of repeatability, accuracy, and durability, you need custom-molded precision rubber rollers from REDCO. Our precision rubber roller manufacturing capabilities allow us to create precision rubber parts that match your application’s unique specifications.

Customized Industrial Rubber Rollers

Industrial applications require custom industrial rubber rollers for equipment to function at a high level and as designed. Our versatile and customizable designs allow us to manufacture the custom-molded industrial rubber-covered rollers you need to complete your industrial job on time and within budget.

Custom-Molded Rubber Parts for Industrial Applications

Many industries rely on rubber rollers, rubber parts, and rubber assemblies. While the needs of every industry are different, one thing remains the same across the board: precision is paramount. REDCO’s rubber roller precision machining services have provided high-quality solutions for many applications, including:

Your Top Source for Rubber Roller Precision Machining & Manufacturing

From the rubber to the shaft to custom inserts to finish grinds and assemblies, REDCO does it all under one roof as your one-stop shop for custom rubber rollers, assemblies, and more. We utilize CNC-operated turning machines, mills, grinders, and lathes to ensure perfect precision in our shaft and insert manufacturing. Our complete in-house machine shop enables us to conduct all secondary operation assembly work in one location. We use lasers and comparators to guarantee quality and accuracy.

To learn more about our customized rubber roller manufacturing services, contact us today. When you’re ready to get started, request a quote. Our team will show you why REDCO is synonymous with uncompromising quality, industry-leading products, and the best customer service.