Precision Rubber Rollers

  Precision Rubber Rollers
   Custom Rubber Ticket Machine Rollers

REDCO is equipped to produce our custom precision rubber rollers, as well as roller assemblies and subassemblies. From small precision rubber rollers to sizes up to 120” in length and 16” in diameter, we can build new rollers, remanufacture old ones, and reverse engineer existing rollers.

We can mold, machine wrap, and cross head extrude a range of rubber materials. We can create custom rubber and elastomer compounds in-house to provide the exact physical characteristics you need.

REDCO has a complete machine shop, including CNC turning machines, CNC mills, and CNC operation lathes for manufacturing shafts and custom inserts, and for secondary operation assembly work. We use CNC grinding equipment to produce precision diameters and run outs.

We use lasers and comparators to ensure the precision and quality of our precision rubber rollers.

From the rubber and the shaft to custom inserts, finish grinding, and assembly, REDCO does it all under one roof. Request a quote on large or small precision rubber rollers, or contact REDCO for more information.



 Video: Grinding A Rubber Covered Roller