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Custom Rubber Bumpers

Industrial rubber bumpers are components designed to absorb shock between two objects. Rubber bumpers vary in complexity to meet the need of your planned use, and they are typically applied for edge protection, cushioning, or impact absorption.

REDCO is your top source for custom-manufactured rubber components. Industrial rubber bumpers are the only standard or “off-the-shelf” product that we offer. Available in three sizes, these RoHS compliant, black 80 durometer synthetic rubber bumpers are available immediately from stock with metal washers molded in place. Custom, made-to-order sizes are available upon request.

Choosing the Right Rubber Bumper

Industrial rubber bumpers provide surface protection, allow spacing and ventilation, control vibration, protect surfaces from scratches or skidding, and much more. Rubber bumpers are made from your choice of materials, in various sizes, and with different constructions to meet the needs of specific uses. Before making a purchase, it is critical that you answer a few questions to ensure you have chosen the best rubber bumper for your job:

  • What is your planned industrial application?
  • Which material is best suited to your specifications?
  • Do you require small rubber bumpers or large rubber bumpers?
  • How many rubber bumpers are necessary for your job?
  • Do you require specialty colors or other custom designs?

If you are still unsure which material or size of rubber bumper is best for your application, let us know. The REDCO experts will help you identify the best choice that matches every requirement.

Industrial Rubber Bumpers for Any Application

Rubber bumpers are used for thousands of protective uses, including medical equipment, electronics, automotive, sheet metal processing, laboratory test equipment, and anywhere cushioning or wear protection is needed.

Automotive Rubber Bumpers

Rubber bumpers are particularly useful in automotive applications. Their versatility, ease of installation, and long-lasting performances make them a popular choice for an extensive range of protective purposes:

  • Installed as a component in vehicle cooling systems
  • Protect taillights, parking lights, and other safety equipment
  • Add protection to car doors, trunks, hoods, and more

Rubber Bumpers in Medical Sectors

Medical equipment, devices, and machinery use small or large rubber bumpers for various purposes. Whether you need feet for expensive diagnostic equipment, bumpers that can stand up to harsh chemicals or UV light, or would like custom rubber bumpers that match specialty medical demands, REDCO has you covered. Our ready-to-ship inventory and custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet any medical specification every time.

USA-Owned & Operated Supplier of Rubber Bumpers & Other Rubber Solutions

REDCO is your #1 supplier of industrial rubber bumpers and top manufacturer of custom rubber components. We work hard to deliver your complete satisfaction on every order through our commitment to quality, on-time deliveries, and cost-effective production methods. Everything we make or sell is produced in the USA with all services carried out under one roof.

Contact REDCO for more information about our available rubber bumpers, custom capabilities, or other services. Request a quote for pricing information and timeline estimates specific to your order.