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Company Profile

Since 1948, REDCO has been a complete source for precision rubber covered rollersmolded vulcanized rubber productsrubber extrusionsdie cut gasketsfabricated foam products, and related subassembly components. REDCO does it all… under one roof.

No One Does It Better Than REDCO

We specialize in custom rubber covered rollers, but REDCO offers much, much more. We operate a complete in-house machine shop for the manufacture of metal inserts and shafts for our rollers.

We work with all types of thermoset elastomers in our molding processes, and literally hundreds of different materials in our die cut department. We have a full-time chemist on staff to develop custom rubber and elastomer materials that deliver the exact physical properties our customers’ applications require.

We can meet RoHS, FDA, Mil-Spec, UL, and ASTM requirements. REDCO has a custom-designed quality system in place to ensure compliance with all our customers’ requirements.

REDCO takes pride in our on-time deliveries and 100% customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing team is dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. No one does it better than REDCO.

Evolving with Our Industry

REDCO knows that manufacturing is in a transitional period, with a trend toward integration both with a worldwide marketplace and with worldwide manufacturing partnerships. We practice greater communication between our R&D, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, management, and marketing divisions. We know that companywide teamwork and intercompany partnerships can dramatically shorten a product’s time to market and improve quality. We do everything in our power to help our clients excel.

We have a team of confident, competent people brought together to lead, with an underscored commitment to quality. We adhere religiously to deadlines and employ team solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. We take extra steps to ensure your success and to deliver your products in spec and on time.

REDCO has been working out of a 45,000 square-foot facility in Carson City, Nevada, since 1990. Prior to that, we were located in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years.

Whether you need prototypes, volume manufacturing, or subassembly components, REDCO is your one-stop source. Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more.