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Rubber Design for Manufacturing

Designing a functional rubber part that meets tight tolerances and precise specifications can be a challenge. Without expert advice, you can fall into common mistakes that impact the overall quality of the finished component, such as overfilling grooves, designing a part that is impossible to manufacture, not considering the thermal effects of your chosen material, and much more.

REDCO is here to help. For over 75 years, we have manufactured dependable and high-quality rubber products for applications across markets, and our knowledge is at your disposal through our industrial rubber product design services. Contact us for further information about how we can support your operations. Request a quote to start your process.

Collaborative Industrial Rubber Products Design

The REDCO team is dedicated to keeping communications open and ongoing, from providing initial quotes to after final delivery. Our collaborative and comprehensive design services include:

  • Prototyping to ensure all specifications are met
  • Discussing manufacturing methods and engineering concerns
  • Quality control that integrates your in-house standards
  • Working together to identify your best materials
  • And more!

Call 775-882-3100 to speak with a representative directly. We are standing by to begin discussing your custom industrial rubber products design process.

Engineering Design Considerations

Our industrial rubber products design services are engineered to achieve your total satisfaction. We begin by getting to know your planned project, necessary parameters, and other considerations unique to your production, such as:

  • What is the rubber part’s intended use?
  • What are the environmental conditions that will surround the part?
  • Which properties (such as corrosion resistance, flame resistance, etc.) must the part exhibit?
  • What is the required operational lifespan for the part?

These considerations, along with others specific to your project, will determine the best manufacturing methods, materials, and features for your custom rubber part production.

Incorporating Necessary Features & Functions

At REDCO, we work hard to ensure that every design specification and requirement is met for your order. We have the expertise to incorporate:

  • Precise corners
  • Sharp edges
  • Holes
  • Undercuts
  • Or other complex features unique to your design.

Selecting Manufacturing Methods

REDCO leads the market in custom rubber manufacturing services, but not all processes are right for every production. We will work with you to determine your desired outcomes and, once we have learned your specifications, recommend the most suitable option for your run. However, certain production methods, such as rubber compression molding and rubber transfer molding, may require additional design steps:

  • Rubber Compression Mold Design. In addition to assisting you with your industrial rubber product design, we will also consult and create a custom rubber compression mold design to produce your desired outcome. This mold is generally a two-piece, clamshell-style mold that has been constructed to your specifications.
  • Rubber Transfer Mold Design. As a part of your service, our rubber transfer mold design capabilities allow us to create a custom mold to your specifications. In addition to the outer mold plates, additional plates are built within the transfer mold cavity to produce your desired effect.

Choosing the Best Rubber Material

The right rubber material for your production will depend on the environment, performance requirements, and durability needs of your final application. A REDCO rubber specialist may recommend one of the following materials as part of your industrial rubber product design process:

Download our Properties of Rubber chart to learn more about your available options. For specialty applications, we also offer custom rubber and elastomer compounding services at our in-house developmental laboratory.

REDCO is Your Partner for Industrial Rubber Product Design Services

REDCO is your #1 choice for high-quality custom rubber parts production. Your customers depend on you to deliver exacting parts with long operational lifespans, and you can count on us to deliver precision results on time and in budget. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote to get started.